100 Experiences Of A Life Well Lived?

I was looking at the blogs of two postcrossing members – Ana (list) and Patsy (list) and saw they both had projects going on doing stuff from a list and how they were going with those goals. I liked the idea of a list which had no time limit and so decided to copy it with a few slight alterations to make it my own. Some of the things I will never achieve as I am approaching the last third of my life and lack of money will preclude me from travelling overseas (how wrong was this prediction, saved up for 11 months and went to Germany and the Netherlands with a day trip to Belgium for 3 weeks in Nov/Dec 2011).

This is my bucket list:

Things I have already done and can tick off the list are in red.

  1. Start your own blog (I also started a Bulletin Board Service – BBS in the years before the internet – 2nd female sysop in Australia)
  2. Go camping and sleep under the stars
  3. Learn to play a musical instrument
  4. Holiday on a tropical island
  5. Make a wish on a shooting star
  6. Give 1% of your income to charity
  7. Go to Disneyland/world
  8. Climb a mountain
  9. Hold a praying mantis, a spider or a snake
  10. Stay overnight in the desert
  11. Bungee jump or parasail
  12. Visit Paris and see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre
  13. Watch a lightning storm at sea
  14. Teach yourself an art/craft from scratch (taught myself to knit when I was pregnant with my 1st child. Taught myself to sew clothes for me and the children. Taught myself how to cross-stitch and embroider)
  15. Walk to the top of the Uluru/Ayres Rock
  16. Grow your own vegetables
  17. Give a speech or presentation in front of a live audience (gave many speeches/presentations when Vice President of the Diabetic Association of SA)
  18. Sleep on an overnight train
  19. Go backpacking
  20. Have a pillow fight
  21. Travel solo (went to New Zealand for 13 days and Europe for 3 weeks on my own)
  22. Take a sick day when you’re not ill (in the days when I actually got paid to work and not self-employed)
  23. Tell someone you love them when they haven’t said it first (and he laughed at me and we drifted apart)
  24. Help bring a life into this world – puppies, kittens, babies anything! (3 children count)
  25. Go skinny dipping (last time I did this was within the last 10 years)
  26. See the northern or southern lights
  27. Try surfing
  28. Ride in a gondola in Venice
  29. See a total eclipse
  30. Get up to watch a sunrise
  31. Pursue a dream (went to Germany and the Netherlands to meet online friends)
  32. See one of the great waterfalls in person – Victoria, Niagara, Iguazu
  33. Visit the birthplace of your ancestors
  34. See how a traditional indigenous community live
  35. Do a spur of the moment Random Act of Kindness (many)
  36. Decide you have enough money to be truly satisfied
  37. Go rock climbing or abseiling
  38. See Michelangelo’s David in Italy
  39. Sing karaoke
  40. Participate in a demonstration or some form of social/political activism (Hindmarsh Island ferry operators sacking protest.)
  41. Buy a stranger a meal
  42. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  43. Walk on a beach by moonlight
  44. Make love somewhere you could get caught
  45. Be transported in an ambulance
  46. Break the law (well nothing jailable but would have been big fines if caught)
  47. Do something you know is reckless
  48. Get your portrait drawn/painted/photographed
  49. Go to the ends of the earth
  50. See the Sistine Chapel in person
  51. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  52. Go scuba diving or snorkeling
  53. Come face to face with real poverty and don’t look away
  54. Kiss in the rain
  55. Play in the mud
  56. Fall in love
  57. Have your heart broken
  58. Get married (2 times and might as well be a third for the length of time we have been together now)
  59. Have children (3 )
  60. Buy your own home (3 times)
  61. Go to a drive-in theater
  62. Appear on television or in a movie (TV when I was 5 years old)
  63. Visit the Great Wall of China
  64. Start your own business
  65. Take a martial arts class
  66. Visit Europe (visited Germany, Netherlands and Belgium in Nov/Dec 2011)
  67. Volunteer to help the needy
  68. Stand on a street corner and sell badges for charity
  69. Go dolphin or whale watching
  70. Buy someone flowers for no reason
  71. Donate blood, platelets or plasma
  72. Go sky diving
  73. Visit a Nazi Concentration Camp
  74. Fly in a helicopter
  75. Save a favourite childhood toy (have my teddy and my papier-mache 1950’s french doll)
  76. See the Pope, the Dalai Llama or another religious head (does being on first name basis and having meals with a Bishop count?)
  77. Eat Caviar
  78. Stand in Times Square
  79. See a monkey, tiger or another exotic animal in the wild
  80. Get fired from a job
  81. See the Berlin wall
  82. Break a bone
  83. Drive a car over 150 km an hour
  84. See the Grand Canyon in the USA
  85. Get a book published
  86. Visit the Vatican
  87. See the coral of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  88. Buy a brand new car
  89. Walk in Jerusalem
  90. Have your picture in the newspaper (Australia Day Award presentation)
  91. Read the Bible or the Koran or another religious text in full
  92. Visit the Australian Parliment House
  93. Kill and prepare an animal for eating (we used to buy sheep on the hoof for $1.50 a sheep and slaughter them in the back yard and then freeze the cut up portions)
  94. Save someone’s life (did this for 7 years on a daily basis. Injected several times a day, my youngest son, with insulin to keep him alive)
  95. Sit on a jury
  96. Confront your fears
  97. Admit to someone you lied or made a big mistake
  98. See the Pyramids of Egypt
  99. Swim in the Dead Sea
  100. Visit every state in Australia