Long time between drinks!

I hadn’t realised it was so long ago since I did a post here. Has nothing been going on or have I been too busy? A mixture of both really. I have been immersed in genealogy and the more I try to document my family the more I find. I continue to do my 12 of 12 project each month. I am still involved with sending and receiving postcards though I am not as active as I was previously.
I am doing another online class through FutureLearn called “The European discovery of China

So really a lot of nothing.

Cheese please

Cheese piecesAt a local weekend market I visited recently there was a cheese stall and after a sampling I liked 2 of the cheeses so decided to treat myself as I hadn’t been near a specialist cheese outlet for some time. I saw the price of $19.95 on the cheese and you know I assumed it was per kg. The owner did say that it was 100g and yes I agreed and he cut me off a 100g slice from the block. I asked for a similar amount on the second cheese and that ended up being a chunk. It was at about that point I realised that the $19.95 price was per 100 grams. There was no way I could back out of the sale at that point as he had cut me off 2 pieces of cheese.

Cheese view

This is what you get for $36 (the plate is a small bread and butter plate btw)

Slice of cheese

I took multiple pics of the cheese to show the sizes because no matter which way you looked at them the pieces were small. Chunk of cheese

So this cheese worked out at $199.50 per kg.

This is the most expensive cheese I have ever bought or tasted for that matter.

PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 9th February 2013 is ‘Promise’

PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 9th February 2013 is ‘Promise’

Two completely different photos are my selection for this weeks theme that promise new beginnings.

Golden glow
The golden glow of a sunrise shows promise of the day ahead. This photo is taken from my house where I live in South Australia

Plaque in the entrance of the Alexandrina Council (South Australia) building

Powerful words and promises on the plaque at the entrance to the local council office.

Left-hand side of the plaque says:

Sincere expression of sorrow and apology to the Ngarrindjeri People.

To the Ngarrindjeri people, the Traditional owners of the land and waters within the region, the Alexandrina Council expresses sorrow and sincere regret for the suffering and injustice that you have experienced since colonisation and we share with you our feelings of shame and sorrow at the mistreatment your people have suffered.

We respect your autonomy and uniqueness of your culture. We offer our support and commitment to your determination to empower your communities in the struggle for justice, freedom and protection of your Heritage, Culture and interests within the Council area and acknowledge your right to determine your future

We commit to work with you. We acknowledge your wisdom and we commit to ensuring our actions and expressions best assist your work. We accept your frustrations at our past ways of misunderstanding you.

We are shamed to acknowledge that there is still racism within our communities. We accept that our words must match our actions and we pledge to you that we will work to remove racism and ignorance.

We will recognise your leadership, we honour your visions, and we hope for a future of working together with respect for each other.

We look forward to achieving reconciliation with justice.

We ask to walk beside you, and to stand with you to remedy the legacy of 166 years of European occupation of your land and waters and control of your lives.

The work of the Alexandrina Council will be guided by your vision of a future where reconciliation through agreement making may be possible and we may walk together.

The Alexandrina Council acknowledges the Ngarrindjeri People’s ongoing connection to the land and waters within its area and further acknowledges the Ngarrindjeri people’s continuing culture and interests therein.

Signed for and on behalf of the Alexandrina Council by the Mayor, Mr. Kym McHugh
Witnessed for the Council by the Chief Executive,
Mr. John Coombe

Witnessed for the Ngarrindjeri People by the Rupelle of the Ngarrindjeri Tendi,
Mr. George Trevorrow

Witnessed for the Ngarrindjeri People by the chair of the Ngarrindjeri Native Title Committee,
Mr Matthew Rigney

Witnessed for the Ngarrindjeri People by the Chair of the Ngarrindjeri Heritage Committee,
Mr Tom Trevorrow

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