Japanese pancake

New cafe opened in Goolwa recently called Motherduck

Went there for lunch with Kerri

Setting was nice and cosy. The cafe is developing a reputation for vegetarian and gluten-free meals and teas. They serve T2 teas.

I ordered a Japanese Pancake with pulled Pork.


Japanese pancake and pot of tea

Description on the menu: Okonomiyaki pancakes served with sticky mushrooms, bean shoots, toasted sesame seeds and pulled pork

I am not sure what I was expecting but I suppose I was expecting a pancake with mushrooms and pork on it. The pancake turned out to be like a vegetable patty base under the pork and mushrooms, it certainly wasn’t pancake-texture-like. The pork was extremely salty and spoilt the taste actually.

I have looked up the pancake to see what is in it and what I got looked nothing like the pictures on Wikipedia

The tea though was wonderful. I had a Chai tea and you can see the beautiful decorative teapots on our table.

PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 6th April 2013 is ‘Quirky’

PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 6th April 2013 is ‘Quirky’

I think of quirky as something that is a bit unusual and makes me smile.

Straw tractor

Saw this hay tractor advertising the local upcoming agricultural show when we were travelling through this farming town. Simple quirky display idea that made us wish that the show was on the weekend we were travelling through. We would have stopped.


While in Belgium I was amazed looking in the windows of the cake bakery shops to see these cakes for sale. Decorated to look like Belgium lace and Belgium chocolate. Male and female.


Has to be the quirkiest cakes I have every seen on public display and readily for sale. Saw this style in most of the cake shops in the front windows. I love the English note that says “A nice present for your father or friend” LOL LOL

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This is my day on 12th January 2013.

It is a Saturday.  Mild day weatherwise, picked my first ‘big’ crop from my vege garden. The kitchen re-arrangement continues with the old stove finally going and the new gas stove moved into its final place, cupboards and benches and tables all rearranged and the items taken out and sorted and stuff everywhere. Has been chaos in the kitchen area for 2 months now. The end is in sight. This is just my temporary kitchen (last temp kitchen lasted 16 years LOL) because I plan to have new cupboards etc later this year after building work is completed. But it is a start (finally).


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