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Saturday Photohunt theme for the week beginning 31st March 2012 isFresh

You can’t get any fresher than this silverbeet.

Picked from the garden 5 minutes before the photo was taken

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About the PhotoHunt

The Saturday PhotoHunt is a photography blog “meme” that was started in March 2006

To play, you simply post a photo on your own blog that represents the theme. These are snapshots that you might have taken on a trip, with your family, or in your home. It is important to use only your own photos.

We are not professional photographers . . . although some are. We are bloggers who are having fun with different themes and sharing our photography.

Each Saturday, once your post is up, link to this site and other’s will follow you. You will find other PhotoHunters links on Facebook and whistlestopphotohunt

Take 12 photos on the 12th day of the month. This is my day on 12th April 2011. Good sunrise started the day, lots of birds around, went for a walk, ate Hot Cross buns and then out for tea to The Landing, Hindmarsh Island for Texas BBQ ribs. Yummy!


Take 12 photos on the 12th day of the month. This is my day on 12th February 2011. Today is a Saturday and I have no plans or need to go anywhere today. I visited with my neighbours Trevor and Audrey, did some cooking and gave a gnome a ride home


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