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Telstra is one of the major telephone and communications suppliers in Australia. We had 2 phone lines with Telstra on at home, one for voice calls and the other for the dial-up modem. With us now having a faster wireless connection at home for the internet we have no use for the modem line so I rang up and closed it 2 weeks ago.

I got a final notice with a $6.35 credit on it in the mail. It says that the credit had been applied to my other account. when I looked at the account number it was nothing like the voice line account number.

So I rang them to find out where my $6.35 credit had gone.

They tell me it is to an inactive since 2001 phone account of mine that had $15 owing on it.

What inactive phone line/account?

The number they gave me was for an Adelaide number that was not even in any of the telephone exchange ranges of where I have lived previously (prior to 1997) or the Goolwa or South Coast phone number ranges. I told them that was not and had never been my number. They quoted my address and said it was for there. I said it was an Adelaide number. I asked why I had never received a bill for this line/number that I had never owned, especially if it had a debit on it?

He never admitted they had made a mistake, he then said he had transferred $6 to my current voice line and was I happy or did I wish to dispute it or was it resolved?


For the sake of $6.35 I said it was resolved.

I suspect I only have $6 credit and lost .35cents in the deal, because he kept saying $6 had been transferred. Will know when the voice line bill comes in.

Bizarre!!!! :phone:

I rang the number he said was mine in 2001 and got a message bank. I left a message and hopefully they ring me back as I would like to know what area this phone number is in and how long they have had it. Time will tell.

I have to admit that I will be looking at changing to Optus (who we have the brilliant wireless internet with) when the contracts on our mobile phones expire (they are tied to the voice line with some benefits as present).

If he had said they had made a mistake I would have been quite happy with an explanation but to not say they made a mistake and try and tell me that I had owned a phone number I never have and put my credit to it is just plain rude.

Did a long needed upgrade of the work computer. New motherboard, extra ram and a larger hard-drive. Of course that all involves reinstallation of all my software. I did the right thing, backed up everything, got all the passwords.

3 days later I still am having issues with passwords. I can’t send email as it doesn’t like the supplied password. My chat programs (ICQ. MSN and Yahoo chat) are not happy either. Password issues.


My Father-in-law Robert Crawford died last week and this was 2 days after the date of my late husband Raymond’s death. Ray was the eldest and only son.

My Father-in-law was 90 years old and had been married to my Mother-on-law Violet for 66 years.

Robert Crawford memorial card

Robert Crawford memorial card

Memorial card back

Memorial card back

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