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PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 2nd February 2013 is ‘Daub’ I love the sample pots of paint you can buy from the paint shop to daub around to see which colour you like or not. I have to admit we never got past the 3 stripes on the sample section of wall outside. We […]

This is my day on 12th January 2013. It is a Saturday.  Mild day weatherwise, picked my first ‘big’ crop from my vege garden. The kitchen re-arrangement continues with the old stove finally going and the new gas stove moved into its final place, cupboards and benches and tables all rearranged and the items taken […]

PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 12th January 2013 is ‘Celebrate’ There is much to celebrate in my life and the world around me. Hard to decide which element to show with this weeks photohunt. So I have gone with a mixed bag. One of my dogs Ceri having a celebration for the New Year […]