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PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 16th February 2013 is ‘Miniscule’ One morning as I was putting out my shop’s signs I saw these miniscule toadstools appear overnight in a small strip of earth alongside the shop wall. They were so pretty. I love the frills and dots. They were about 2 inches / 5 […]

Take 12 pictures on the 12th day of the month This is my day for the 12th February 2013 Today is a Tuesday.  Mild day weatherwise, started out grey but blue skies in the afternoon. Perfect summer day. The tomato output is slowing but the figs on the tree next door are ripe. I didn’t […]

PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 9th February 2013 is ‘Promise’ Two completely different photos are my selection for this weeks theme that promise new beginnings. The golden glow of a sunrise shows promise of the day ahead. This photo is taken from my house where I live in South Australia Powerful words and promises […]