Christmas Day 2009

Day started quietly. Dave and I gave each other small gifts. We had lunch at home then mid-afternoon we went to Melanie's for tea. This was a BBQ and included prawns.

Christmas dinner

Christmas Day evening, we got home from being at daughters for tea and had been home a short time and the power went out. Rang that through to ETSA – electricity people (power often goes out here). Then went outside to put dogs out and noticed what looked like a small fire across the channel on the other side to where I live.

Small fire seen from house

Dave is in the Country Fire Service and he said it looked like a fire to him too. While he was putting on boots etc to go off as he knew his pager would go off, I rang the CFS to report it and also told them the power had gone out 5 minutes before and I had reported to ETSA. While on phone Dave says come and look at this before you hang up with firies and so I looked out door and there was a LARGER fire on the same road to the north of the one I was reporting. So reported that as well.

Seen from my house

The pager message that got sent out to the volunteer fire-fighters. Dave had already left to get to the fire station.


So at 10.30 pm on Christmas Day Dave leaves and I watch the fires. The second one grew quite large and the CFS got it and the smaller second fire out around 11:45pm.

ETSA got the power restored at midnight, which was a surprise.  Dave got home at 1:30 am from the CFS fire station. They had to refill trucks with water and clean them and re-stow equipment used etc. in reddiness for the next callout.

Fire burnt about 10 hectares so quite big. Was a power line down and had started 2 fires. That was our Christmas Day

In daylight on 26th December I went around to Denver Road to see the damage.

Small fire

Small fire

Where it started

Underneath the stobie (power) pole

Paddock burnt  

Large fire aftermath


Aftermath of grass fire

Large fire aftermath