The main street of Goolwa has the footpaths paved with paving blocks instead of a continuous concrete surface. There are several downs-sides of this and the major one is that the street tree’s roots lift the pavers and create an uneven surface that pedestrians trip over.

The tree in front of my work continually raises the pavers and many people trip. About 12 months ago so many people tripped and complained to the council that they came along and relaid the pavers around the tree.

Back in July of this year the pavers were raised again and the council came and put 2 bollards with bunting each side of the tree to warn people away from there.

Safety bollards

One weekend one of the bollards went missing and the bunting was wrapped around the remaining bollard.

This morning an elderly man tripped on the pavers and fell heavily onto the footpath. It was witnessed by a couple of council outdoor workers as well as several members of the public, including me. The man was winded and luckily not hurt.

I looked up when I took this photo when the bollards were placed and it was 15th July 2008. That was 11 weeks ago and the council have not done a thing to relay the pavers.

I bet they rip the tree out instead!