Japanese pancake

New cafe opened in Goolwa recently called Motherduck

Went there for lunch with Kerri

Setting was nice and cosy. The cafe is developing a reputation for vegetarian and gluten-free meals and teas. They serve T2 teas.

I ordered a Japanese Pancake with pulled Pork.


Japanese pancake and pot of tea

Description on the menu: Okonomiyaki pancakes served with sticky mushrooms, bean shoots, toasted sesame seeds and pulled pork

I am not sure what I was expecting but I suppose I was expecting a pancake with mushrooms and pork on it. The pancake turned out to be like a vegetable patty base under the pork and mushrooms, it certainly wasn’t pancake-texture-like. The pork was extremely salty and spoilt the taste actually.

I have looked up the pancake to see what is in it and what I got looked nothing like the pictures on Wikipedia

The tea though was wonderful. I had a Chai tea and you can see the beautiful decorative teapots on our table.