Mayo by-election comments

The area I live in is about to have a Federal by-election. Our former member moved onto other things 12 months after the election. Our seat of Mayo was a very safe seat for the Liberal Party with former foreign minister Alexander Downer holding the seat for many years.

Now that we have a by-election there has been much speculation and politicing with 11 candidates standing for election , many are independants, not affiliated with any major political party. Most have been running a campaign on the lack of water in our area.

I emailed 10 of the candidates (who had email addresses) asking specific questions on non-water related issues.

Some of my questions asked

  • about what they would do for our area if elected.
  • The price of petrol in country areas and how we have no competition.
  • No alternative method of transport other than a car because of our rural location.
  • Lack of doctors and waiting times to see your doctor
  • Shortage of dentists
  • Food prices
  • Property values and the rise in rates
  • Internet speed (and the lack of) and pricing monoploy in the country
  • Removal of govt. infrastructure offices to the capital city instead of having a small office in country areas

By the time of the election on 6th September 2008 I had 4 answers. Two from political party candidates and two from independant candidates.

Candidates for the by-election (in order on ballot paper). Those that have replied are highlighted in bold and italic

The Greens Lynton Vonow
Conservatives for Climate and Environment Rachael Barons
Independent Bill Spragg
One Nation Mathew Keizer
Independent Mary Brewerton
Australian Democrats Andrew Castrique
Liberal Jamie Briggs
Independent Malcolm Ronald King
Family First Party Bob Day
D.L.P. – Democratic Labor Party David McCabe
Independent Di Bell