Portuguese food

You may remember a while back that I got a surprise in the mail from my friends Paulo and Ana of Postcrossing fame.

It was a Portuguese cookbook called Piri Piri Starfish and I have cooked from it, but just not had time to document what I cooked the first time and how it turned out.

I chose 2 simple dishes – Calamari with Lemon, Garlic and Piri Piri and Roasted new Potatoes with Tomatoes and white Wine.

I knew that Dave would have the potato dish but not the calamari as he is allergic to seafood.

Calamari  Roast potato


Both were simple dishes to prepare and in a way quite good plain simple food with ingredients that most kitchens have on hand. I did have to go and buy Piri Piri and the closest I could find was Piri Piri seasoning. I also went a bit light on using this as I didn't know how hot it was. The bottle said HOT. I did want to try one of the salted cod dishes but I have been unable to find salted cod in my shopping area.

Potatoes  finished potatoes

I love calamari or squid, which is what we called it as kids, and before it became a yuppie food and not bait. I find it economical to buy and cooked right very tasty. I often have calamari in the freezer for when I want to have a feed.

cooking calamari  cooking with spices

The finished dish was yummy and I realised that I could have been a bit more generous with the Piri Piri as I like hot and spicy foods and I had no trouble with the taste.

Cooked calamari



Lovely and not as scary as I imagined. Yes I went with simple foods and really enjoyed the tastes. Satisfying and filling.

12 on the 12th October 2009

A bit late putting this one up.

Here was my day on 12th October 2009.




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12 on 12th September 2009

The 12th September was a Saturday this month. Dave had been away all week at the Adelaide Show doing St Johns Ambulance duties and was not due home until tea time. The day was extremely hot and very windy. I went into Goolwa and then over to Middleton to do a gravestone measuring project but it was so windy there that I only measured at one cemetery and checked one of my geocaches I had hidden. 



This is a project by Chad Darnell And is adopted and promoted by Podcacher.com