PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 16th March 2013 is ‘Footprints’

I live on the beach on Hindmarsh Island and I needed a picture of footprints and photographed heaps of bird footprints but none of them really turned out any good and then I realised that my own footprints made a better impression.

FootprintsIn the top lefthand corner of the picture are two barnacles. They are tiny.

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10 Responses to “PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 16th March 2013 is ‘Footprints’”

  1. sandi

    I think I was ment to live at the beach… I’d have sand in my toes all the time!
    Great Hunting ~

  2. Jerry

    Great shot for this week’s theme.

    Have a super weekend.

  3. Sreisaat Adventures

    Wow, I would love to live near the beach as well. I’m an island-girl and having lived in landlocked Cambodia for a long time, I yearn for the sights, sounds and smell of the sea. And leave footprints like that on the sand 🙂 Great shot.

  4. Brenda

    There’s always something to be found in a photo that we weren’t thinking of in the first place. I really like the magnification of the barnacles though.

  5. Team Tabby

    Lovely, we live near the ocean as well, and it is starting to get warm enough to enjoy walking the beaches again.

  6. Mar

    I live near the beach too, cold wind kept me from going there for pictures 🙂
    Happy weekend!

  7. YTSL

    The beach looks on the muddy side! :O

    Is the sand very fine?

  8. eastcoastlife

    Good that you live near the beach. Happy weekend!

  9. chica

    Linda foto e pegadas! beijos,ótimo fim de semana!chica