PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 29th September 2012 is ‘Dodgy’

PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 29th September 2012 is ‘Dodgy’

Flooded ford

It is very dodgy to drive through a flooded ford. This particular ford swept away a car several months after I I took this picture. Luckily the driver was rescued clinging to a tree. Her car has not been found. You can see from the height markers that the water can get very high and it is usually very quick

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8 thoughts on “PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 29th September 2012 is ‘Dodgy’

    1. Depends on how much rain and how long it rained for. The ford can be under water for an hour up to several days. The local council monitor the fords and close the roads when the water gets a bit higher. That doesn’t stop idiots thinking they are invincible and driving around the closed barriers and crossing the fords, to their peril.

  1. I grew up near a creek that at times would fill up after a thunderstorm like that…although you didn’t have to cross it as there were bridges. One rare time the creek went over the top of that, though.

  2. Scary! I had similar experiences driving in Arizona – looks arid and safe but when I rain came through the dry river beds frothed with water in no time!

    Have a super weekend!

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