PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 2nd March is ‘Steel’

Seeing the forces involved to bend steel from the New York World Trade Centre, USA terrorism attack at a memorial to Firefighters in Christchurch, New Zealand was a sobering and awe filled visit.

NZ 2005 Bookcrossing ConventionThese steel girders were surreal in showing the forces of terrorism

Tribute to FirefightersTribute to Firefighters

Tribute sculpture viewed across the riverSeveral pieces of the World Trade Centre steel pieces were in the park

Tribute to Firefighters signThis sculpture “Tribute to Firefighters” was created by Christchurch artist Graham Bennet

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9 Responses to “PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 2nd March is ‘Steel’”

  1. Vane

    Não são simples vigas de aço, há um contexto histórico oculto nelas. Um abraço!

  2. Sue St Clair

    A fitting remembrance for such a tragic event. Great take on the theme.

  3. Jerry

    WOW. I had no idea that pieces were shipped around the world – what a great way to remember the evil that was done and pay tribute to the victims.

    Great shot for this week’s theme.

    Have a super weekend.

  4. bing

    steel pieces of sad memories…

  5. Carver

    Great monument to feature this week.

  6. Tina´s PicStory

    great steel pics! 🙂

  7. magiceye

    Grim reminder

  8. chica

    Lindas tuas fotos e participação! abraços,chica

  9. YTSL

    I’m amazed to learn that there are pieces of what once was New York’s World Trade Center are now in New Zealand as part of a thought-provoking memorial.