PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 8th September is ‘Stuck’

Boat on the sand bank

Australia has just come out of a period of drought and I live at the end of the River Murray (longest in Australia) where it finally exits to the ocean.  The Murray River was being affected by the drought in Australia and water flows are minimal. The river level had dropped so much that there were sand banks appearing and the river shoreline was expanding. The water level had changed dramatically. This boat is in the middle of the river and well and truly stuck.

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13 Responses to “PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 8th September is ‘Stuck’”

  1. Suzy

    Nice pic and a perfect take on the prompt. Thanks for dropping by mine.

  2. IndulgedFurries

    Hopefully the boat won’t be stuck much longer. Our entry for this week’s stuck is: cats getting stuck in a different way.

  3. sandi @the whistlestop cafe

    This week’s theme seems to have lots of people ‘stuck’~
    Great shot of high and dry !

  4. Jerry

    We often see that here in Canada – although it is generally caused by the high tide shifts and not drought! Nonetheless, it is a great shot for this week’s theme which, frankly, had me very stuck!

    Have a brilliant weekend.

  5. Mar

    Hate to see a boat getting stuck…but it is a great capture for both themes! hope the drought situation gets better, we aren’t doing any better…

  6. EastCoastLife

    Great example for the two themes.

    I go for my holidays in Australia and took a boat ride on River Murray with my young son on one of the trips. It was an interesting and fun experience for us who come from a tiny island where tall buildings abound.

  7. YTSL

    Australia appears to be a land very much affected by water. Not only is it an island but it seems to have its share of droughts and floods! :O

    • Vicki

      Even though Australia is an island the land mass area is as large as USA minus Alaska and bigger than Europe. Considering the size of Australia we take up a fair bit of area and across many weather zones.

      This postcard illustrates well how big Australia is:

      • YTSL

        Hi Vicki —

        I do know how big Australia is… Among other things, I’ve visited Western Australia before (was on a youth exchange to the coal mining town of Collie!) and my brother lives in Melbourne… 😉

        If I were generalise, it seems like the north and northeast is subject to the most floods and and the southeast the most prone to drought. Would that be correct?

        • Vicki

          Well the north and northeast of Australia are in the tropical zones so they have cyclones and monsoon rain so do get a lot more water than the south. Australia also doesn’t have many high mountain ranges per se and is relatively flat across a lot of the land which makes it easy for flooding to spread.

  8. ann

    Yes, that’s stuck until the water levels come back up… great shot for the theme!!

  9. Carver

    Oh dear that would be a drag (no pun intended). Happy Weekend!

  10. Sue St Clair

    Now that is a great example of stuck!!