Saturday PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 12th May 2012 is ‘Scoop’

Satellite dish

Big news event happening and national TV Channel 7 sent down a satellite dish to scoop the news on a public meeting in Goolwa about the lack of water in the Murray River.

Scoop the pool and leave a comment and your link

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9 Responses to “Saturday PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 12th May is ‘Scoop’”

  1. Mar

    Great take on the theme!! about to watch the news 🙂

    children ::: scoop

  2. Sue St Clair

    Great take on the theme 🙂 Very creative!

  3. Carver

    Creative take on the theme. Happy Weekend!

  4. ian

    whoa. did the river dry up? that IS news. hope the extra attention has gotten people to move and the problem is remedied =0

    • Vicki

      Yes the longest river in Australia, the Murray River dried up. Too much water taken out by irrigators and several years of drought and that is what happens. I live at the end of the river where it exits to the ocean and the river mouth was kept artificially open by dredges for years.
      You may be interested to see this photo of the large bridge that connects my island to the mainland.

  5. Hootin' Anni

    Interesting ‘take’ on the week’s prompt this time. I like it…it’s unique!! And well composed.

    Here is my link Hope you can find time to visit.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. IndulgedFurries

    News scoop. Great interpretation of the theme.

  7. ann

    Yes, if you see one of those in the neighborhood, you know someone is out to get a scoop on some big news… Perfect for the theme!

  8. YTSL

    A very cool take on the theme! And that sure is not a sight one sees every day… ;b