PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 6th April 2013 is ‘Quirky’

PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 6th April 2013 is ‘Quirky’

I think of quirky as something that is a bit unusual and makes me smile.

Straw tractor

Saw this hay tractor advertising the local upcoming agricultural show when we were travelling through this farming town. Simple quirky display idea that made us wish that the show was on the weekend we were travelling through. We would have stopped.


While in Belgium I was amazed looking in the windows of the cake bakery shops to see these cakes for sale. Decorated to look like Belgium lace and Belgium chocolate. Male and female.


Has to be the quirkiest cakes I have every seen on public display and readily for sale. Saw this style in most of the cake shops in the front windows. I love the English note that says “A nice present for your father or friend” LOL LOL

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This Christmas, like the last 33 years, my mother-in-law Vi has given me one of the best Christmas presents ever.

What makes the presents so appreciated is that they are always made with love.

Every Christmas Vi makes the families of her children (my late husband Ray was the eldest of five) a wonderful Christmas cake that is always so moist and so full of fruit and always topped with almonds. It is one of the best Christmas cakes I have ever eaten.


Christmas cake

Christmas Cake

The other gift I get each year from her is a hand-crocheted doiley. There is alway a bit of a guessing game as to what colour it will be this year and what size or shape, but it is always a doily that Vi made during the year for each of the adult women in the family.

This year's was yellow.


Crocheted doiley

The doiley is usually crocheted from fine cotton, some years it has been a light wool. Colours I have had over the years have included purple, white, beige, yellow and multi-coloured.

As you can see from the intricate pattern this is not a simple pattern. These doileys are made with love and care. Vi is in her 80's.

Thank you Vi for the wonderful Christmas presents.