History of Royal Food and Feasting week 3 recipe

I am doing an online class and it has a royal food theme.

Week 3 was the English Georgian period and the cook-along recipe was Georgian hot chocolate.

In the pot

I used an Australian Tawny Port with dark cooking chocolate buttons (they had the 80% cocoa content required). The white flecks are the flour and I really can’t see what difference that minute amount of flour made. I also didn’t have a special chocolate pot they used to use to make mine in so used a milk pot.IMG_1396

After gently heating and melting the chocolate until small bubbles appeared around the edge of the pan it was all given a whisk to aerate.

Pouring the hot chocolate into a glass smelt wonderful. I didn’t have a fancy china cup so a milk-shake glass served the purpose.

The hot chocolate drink tasted wonderful and the port in it gave me a buzz for the rest of the afternoon. The Georgians had this for breakfast and other times during the day and it certainly would have set you buzzing for the rest of the day. It was similar to a mulled wine but with the richness of chocolate. Yum!

PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 25th August 2012 is ‘Chocolate’

PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 25th August 2012 is ‘Chocolate’

I have a lot of chocolate in my life, the edible kind usually. I love chocolate!

For her 11th birthday Lakita, my grand-daughter (who is now nearly 18, where does the time go!) wanted a ‘Girls Day‘ where female friends and family had a birthday baking day with her.

Chocolate fingers

My best friend Gaelyne prepares to wipe her chocolate fingers on Lakita after rolling some chocolate balls. April (my son’s partner) made a new apron for Lakita, which she is wearing and the girls made heaps of goodies (most of them chocolate). The other family member there that day was my other grand-daughter Samara. These 4 girls just wanna have fun and they did.

Chocolate and lolly pizza

At a family pizza party Samara made her own pizza which was a combination of lollies (sweets/candy for the non-Aust visitors) and chocolate. Looked ‘interesting‘ and was quickly eaten by the children at the party.

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Surprise Goodies from OS

My good friends Ana and Paulo, who live in Slovenia currently, sent me a surprise box of goodies for my birthday.

Postal Box

The box looked like it had been round the world as it was showing some wear. Australian Customs had also opened it and inspected the items inside. Some foodstuffs (like some types of teas) are prohibited in Australia so they were doing a good job in checking.


I resisted the temptation of opening it at the post office and I was very eager to finish the shopping and get back home. I also was wondering if it was 'booby trapped' with sparkles and sprinkles. I have caught out both of them by putting glitter stars and sprinkles in envelopes when I have sent them cards.



The first thing to great me was a card on top, then the Australian quarantine pamphlet telling me that nothing had been removed or confiscated by them and what was prohibited in coming into Australia.



The box was packed tightly with a wonderful selection of goodies and all in Slovenian language, which I can't read. Luckily the pictures were self-explanatory as to what the contents were.

I was like a kid in a lollie shop.

Packed with goodies

Inside was 2 boxes of herbal tea. One looks like a rosehip and the other mixed berries. There was a large block of chocolate, lots of tubs of honey, some ground coffee, a cinnamon (I think) cake topping (at least I think that is what it is because there is a diagram of a cake slice on the label), two boxes of chocolates and two sachets of chocolate spread (I was guessing).


And rounding it all off was a funny birthday card with a great message from Paulo and Ana about being sweet. Ahhhhhh

I made myself a tea from the berries packet, this was beautiful and a deep red colour. As part of my lunch (I ate a healthy wrap first) I opened each of the packet chocolates and had one each and then I just couldn't resist but I opened the sachet of two-toned chocolate and ate that very slowly with a small spoon.

I am in heaven. Thank you my dear friends for my birthday gifts.

Paulo and Ana are the reason for one of my obsessions hobbies which is postcard exchange through Postcrossing.