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12 on the 12th July 2009

July 21st, 2009

Gee the 12th of the month comes around quickly. The 12th July 2009 was a Sunday and I went for a drive from Hindmarsh Island over to Clayton Bay. This is a project by Chad Darnell And is adopted and promoted by

Blocking the Murray river

July 19th, 2009

Due to the drought and over-allocation of water upstream of Wellington the bottom end of the Murray River has dried out. The Murray mouth has had dredges at it for the last 7 years dredging to keep it open. Lakes Alexandrina and Albert are drying up and the Goolwa Channel to the barrage has become […]

A barrier is being put across the Goolwa channel between Hindmarsh Island and Clayton and the rocks and fill are being hauled along Randell Road on Hindmarsh Island in large trucks. There is a continuous stream of trucks using the main road on the island and there are warning signs and traffic control at the […]