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Take 12 photos on the 12th day of the month. This is my day on 12th June 2011. It is a long weekend here in Australia and I am away in country Victoria staying at my sister’s place at Moyston in rural Victoria. Even though I live in a rural area my sister’s place is even more remote and has stunning views as well being at the base of the Grampian Mountains.



Take 12 photos on the 12th day of the month. I have had a busy month and today was my ‘average’ travelling day since before Easter. My partner David had a total knee replacement before Easter and has had a complication that we have been working very hard to overcome. My youngest son also bought his first house and I have been helping him in getting it ready to move into in 3 weeks time, I have been washing walls in preparation to painting. Today I did 250km/200miles in travel between home, the physio and my son’s house in Adelaide and back home. This is my day on 12th May 2011.



Ambulance ride

Nausea just on tea-time, then pain in the middle of my chest. Pain like I have never experienced before. Crushing pain. Ambulance was rung. 2 ambulances arrived and preliminary tests done, oxygen administered, some medication administered, then I was loaded into one of the ambulances and taken to the nearest hospital at Victor Harbor, 35 km away.

Halfway there the pain just lifted. Gone. Nothing.


Tests done, blood taken, examination by doctor and it turns out I had a gall stone blocking the neck of my gall bladder.

Was sent home later that night in no pain but under instructions to see my GP the next day.

Saw GP, had ultrasound, 2cm gall stone in my gall bladder.

Now waiting to see specialist who will remove my gall bladder shortly.


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