Trucking on Hindmarsh Island

A barrier is being put across the Goolwa channel between Hindmarsh Island and Clayton and the rocks and fill are being hauled along Randell Road on Hindmarsh Island in large trucks. There is a continuous stream of trucks using the main road on the island and there are warning signs and traffic control at the turnoffs.

Warning sign

The trucks are carting soil to dump in the river channel to create the barrier across to Clayton.

Truck turning

There is a continuous stream of trucks along the main road and turning off to the quarry and the dumping site.

They expect the barrier to be finished late July, early August. there are also barriers being constructed across the Finniss River and Currency Creek openings where they run into the Goolwa channel.

The Murray River bottom has gone green. There has been no water here for the last 2 years and the sandy bottom has got vegetation growing on it. The green grass was seeded on there by the government about 2 months ago to stabalise the sand and help curb the acid sands from happening. Murray River

The end is in sight

My business Encounter Coast Agency in Goolwa is closing on 29th May 2009 – that’s 3 days time. This has been bought about due to the main agency closing their network at the end of June 2009 and me deciding that Encounter Coast Agency is not viable without that agency. End of an era for a long established Goolwa business. Encounter Coast Agency has been in Goolwa for over 27 years.

My shop

12 on 12th May 2009

Gee the 12th of this month has come around fast. Probably something to do with the hectic pace in closing down my work by the end of this month.

Anyway here is my 12 photos from the 12th May. Click on the graphic to be taken to the set.