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12 photos on 12th October

October 13th, 2012

Take 12 photos on the 12th of the month showing your day. Grey morning that turned into a sunny day. Today was a Friday, went into the nearest town of Goolwa to do the weekly shopping. Saw the mains street had been yarn bombed and it was a colourful display, coupled with the electricity pole […]

PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 6th October 2012 is ‘Hand’ I found this weeks topic a challenge, how to make a hand interesting in a picture. Hmmm. Even though the party game was hands-free I got a stray hand in the picture (and chopped off people’s heads), I have no idea whose hand it […]

Saturday PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 30th June 2012 is ‘Flash’ I participated in a Flash Mob event with my grand-children. We casually were at a well-known fountain in the city of Adelaide and when the clock struck 10 we all mysteriously ‘appeared’ and started to make origami boats that we floated in the […]