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Magical morning

June 20th, 2015

Sunrise this morning (20 June 2015) was magical. Calm waters with lots of black ducks, black swans, a few pelicans and sea mist on the horizon curling around the pine trees on the horizon.

PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 29th December 2012 is ‘End’ Views from the end of the jetty where I live on Hindmarsh Island, Australia The sun rises at the end of the jetty Viewing the sunrise over the channel standing at the end of the jetty. This photo is actually a panorama and to […]

12 on the 12th July 2012

July 13th, 2012

Take 12 photos on the 12th of the month showing your day. A day at home again. Last week was my action week with family and car dramas. This week I am back home from interstate, my son is out of hospital, the car is fixed and it is an ordinary day here on Hindmarsh […]