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Gee the 12th of the month comes around quickly. The 12th July 2009 was a Sunday and I went for a drive from Hindmarsh Island over to Clayton Bay.


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We are having very unusual weather here at present. We are in the midst of an extreme heatwave. This will be the 3rd day of over 40C heat. There is a northerly wind and today may turn out to be an explosive day in regards to bushfires. The sunrise gives no indication of the day ahead.


Well no bad bushfires happened but from a personal point of view the heatwave was very expensive for us. During a heat related power flick my work computer has developed ‘issues’. Sigh. And before going to bed we discovered the large 10 cu ft upright freezer at home had carked it. We moved $700 worth of luckily still frozen food, to daughter’s home/freezers at midnight.


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