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PhotoHunt theme for the week beginning 30th March 2013 is ‘Wind’ Mother nature is the common source of wind and it can be gentle or strong An interesting shape. The effect of wind on trees right on the foreshore at Port Elliot, South Australia Or you can create your own wind by strapping a motor […]

  Without much notice and with a minimum of fuss there is a high-rise apartment complex developing next door to where I live on Hindmarsh Island. A couple of years ago there was only one pair of residents – Black Ravens (or commonly called Black Crows) and they had what I thought was the penthouse, […]


October 2nd, 2008

The main street of Goolwa has the footpaths paved with paving blocks instead of a continuous concrete surface. There are several downs-sides of this and the major one is that the street tree’s roots lift the pavers and create an uneven surface that pedestrians trip over. The tree in front of my work continually raises […]